Case Studies

USAF at Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC)

Since 2001, the 16 Foot Transonic (16T) Propulsion Wind Tunnel at AEDC has been using TestVIEW, the predecessor to Test SLATE, to perform aerodynamic evaluation testing for most of today's military flight programs. read more >

Jacobs Technology

Jacobs Technology Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering. Learn more about our company and the other technical products and services we offer. read more >

What is Test SLATE

Test SLATE is the comprehensive, easy-to-use test control and measurement process management application that is ideal for testing virtually any product under a variety of environmental and product conditions.

This Windows®-based, highly flexible test measurement and control software requires no proprietary hardware and works with nearly any control or measurement device or system, regardless of make or model.

Test SLATE enables you to seamlessly integrate old and new hardware – even custom legacy components – to make test control, data acquisition, and analysis simple, effective, and efficient.

Test SLATE is the ideal application for Aerodynamic or Climatic Wind Tunnels, Component Test Stand, Automotive Test Facilities, Air Craft Engine Test Facilities, Structural Test Stands, Manufacturing Validation Test Stands, and many more.

Test SLATE overview >

Versatile, easy-to-use, and powerful


Recent Test SLATE News

October 2012

Aerospace Engineering Online – One of the transonic wind tunnels at the Propulsion Wind Tunnel (PWT) complex at Arnold Air Force Base, TN, was recently shut down to undergo a major upgrade, to include a new data system,.... read more >

July 2012

Automation World – Controlling wind tunnel test facilities is no small task. Fieldbus Foundation and Profibus team up to show that sometimes two networks are better than one. read more >

April 2012

LinkedIn – If you are a LinkedIn member, you can join our Test SLATE group to get more information or join in on discussions with other members. read more >